Nailing Section 1 and 2- HSC exam Preparation

This comprehensive workshop will guide students through all aspects of how best to deal with Section 1 and 2 of the HSC written exam and will revisit the basics of the Conceptual Framework and Frames

Quite often students go into exams totally unprepared for Section 1- intimidated by the fear of never having seen or studied a plate they will be asked about.

This workshop will enable students to read the artwork and unpack the question in order to adequately answer all the questions in this section. We will revisit the Agencies and Frames and demonstrate how to apply their knowledge to unfamiliar plates. During the last session Section 2 will be the focus, in particular essay writing in an exam situation. Students will also look at reading the question, analysing the artwork and exam timing.

This workshop will be delivered by Mary-Anne Boutros from the Arts Team.

WHO CAN REGISTER: Year 11 – Year 12 Visual Arts Students
WHEN: Wednesday 29 September| ONLINE ZOOM | 11:00am – 1:00pm

CaSPA HSC VIsual Arts