John Panuccio
John PanuccioEducation Officer: Creative & Performing Arts

John’s teaching career spans over 40 years in Catholic Education across six primary schools. In that time, John constantly encouraged and developed creative and performing arts opportunities for students and teachers which include school musicals, variety shows, talent quests, class assemblies, liturgical celebrations and individual performance opportunities.

John was born and raised in a culture where singing, dancing and acting is a very natural experience and is eagerly displayed, shared and nurtured. As a young soprano, John was awarded a scholarship into St Mary’s Cathedral Choir. Throughout his teenage years, John initiated various bands and continued to perform as a guitarist/vocalist for many years after.

After a few years in teaching, John was invited to join a ‘Music Task-force’ responsible for delivering the new K–6 Music syllabus to teachers through in-servicing, demonstrations and practical ideas for the classroom. John has coordinated and directed numerous events and major performances from talent quests to musicals.

John has closely supported the CaSPA program since it began and has presented workshops in the area of music technology. In recent years, John has developed and mastered a variety of skills in Information Technology and Communication which he has effectively utilised across all disciplines in the performing arts. John has initiated and delivered numerous professional development opportunities for teachers utilising these skills.

Currently, John is an Educational Officer Creative & Performing Arts and continues to share his passion for discovery, creativity and learning in the context of school environments.